What is Mother Cart?

Mother Cart was born under the concept of creating the superb, luxury cart to spend quality time with your pets with a safer, more comfortable atmosphere that does not put any stress on the pet. That is Mother Cart.
Our products include Premium, Comfort, and Baggy and also we are focusing on creating a limited edition carrier with collaboration from famous designers.

Mother Cart Comfort

KONFOTOKATO [Comfort Cart] for details

In the fall of 2008, we were proud to announce Comfort, a carrier designed for long-legged dogs. We use the lightest aluminum as a frame for the Comfort. This type of aluminum is already popular in Europe.....
KONFOTOKATO [Comfort Cart] for details

Mother Cart Mini Baggy

Cart Buggy Mini [Mini Baggy] for details

The Mother Cart Mini Baggy was created for the owner of small dogs who usually just need a carrier, but wanted a cart for long journeys. For a short trip, you can just use the carrier, but for long trips, you can attach the carrier to the frame and use it as a cart...
ミニバギーカート[Mini Baggy]Detailsへ

Mother Cart Double Carrier

Premium Motherboard Cart [Premium] for details

This model was created for the consumer who owns more than one dog and wishes to transport them separately, an idea that is original and unique. (We own the rights to the double carrier, it has its own patent)....

Cart Mother (domestic) to the Official Site

[Mother Cart] Making of...

My dog’s life is more precious than my own!


When this came across my mind, I decided create Mother Cart.
These days in Japan, we hear conversations such as “ my dog is as precious as my own family members.....” everywhere among dog owners and lovers.
I am proudly announcing myself as one of those pet lovers.
I would like to do the best that I can for our precious children.
My dog Taisho (Shih Tzu) will be 18 this year.
Even though he is an old dog, he is still walking everyday with his 4 little legs.

Felice Corporation Representative: Nakamura

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*Curvy Framed Model: Spacious Comfort
*Lightweight Framed Model: Mini Baggy
*Double-Framed Model: Premium
*Jupiter & Juno Collaboration Model
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Shopping Cart Mother official site
Shopping Cart Mother official site

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Original Buggy: Comfort Cart
Original Buggy: Buggy Mini Cart
Original Buggy: Premium Cart

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Pets stay lodging-Travel with Dog
Pets stay lodging-Travel with Dog

Cart Mother [mothercart.com]
Cart Mother [mothercart.com]

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