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Mother Cart Mini Baggy

The Mother Cart Mini Baggy was created for the owner of small dogs who usually just need a carrier, but wanted a cart for long journeys. For a short trip, you can just use the carrier, but for long trips, you can attach the carrier to the frame and use it as a cart. We use the latest technology to create the lightest cart out there so it is easy to operate, even for women. It is also foldable to a compact size, enabling it to be carried on the shoulders, like a backpack. We also sell the carrier separately, adding different carriers to your collection. An optional frame is available to make the carrier into a car seat, and a playhouse. We have answered the women’s needs for a simple, yet stylish, dog cart. That is Mother Cart Mini Baggy.

Cart Mother (Japan) Official Site

Shopping Cart Mother official site
Shopping Cart Mother official site

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Original Buggy: Comfort Cart
Original Buggy: Buggy Mini Cart
Original Buggy: Premium Cart

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Pets stay lodging-Travel with Dog
Pets stay lodging-Travel with Dog

Cart Mother [mothercart.com]
Cart Mother [mothercart.com]

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