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#My dog’s life is more precious than my own!

When this came across my mind, I decided create Mother Cart.
These days in Japan, we hear conversations such as “ my dog is as precious as my own family members.....” everywhere among dog owners and lovers.
I am proudly announcing myself as one of those pet lovers.
I would like to do the best that I can for our precious children.
My dog Taisho (Shih Tzu) will be 18 this year.
Even though he is an old dog, he is still walking everyday with his 4 little legs.
In the hot summer days or the cold winter days, whether there is steaming hot asphalt or freezing snow-covered pavement, he never stops trusting me and keeps following me with those 4 little legs every single day.
I truly consider and treasure him as my own precious child.
I am not the only one to come up with the idea of wanting to protect his little feet by covering them with shoes.

But, in reality, dogs are not a fan of wearing shoes at all.
Then I thought of offering comfortable “feet” by putting him in a cart.
Especially after he finished going to the bathroom or a long walk, I would like to ease his exhaustion by putting him in a stroller.
By putting him in a cart, we will be able to take him to the facilities that would never have allowed him before.
I know that it is our selfish thoughts to want to bring our pets everywhere we go.
Maybe pets prefer to stay at home.
But, my dog is my family member.
If I decided to bring him everywhere I go, then I would like to provide him with the least stressful atmosphere.
Once someone told me that dogs feel the happiest when they are together with their owners.
Right now, there are so many dog strollers available on the market, but none of them meet my standards.
I am frustrated with the lack of their ability to navigate over even little bumps on the road, shock absorbency, and capacity.
That motivated me to start creating the perfect pet cart for our precious pets, thinking only of their needs.
I special-ordered the frame from a human baby stroller manufacturer and ordered the lining from an expert domestic handbag company, producing this unique pet stroller within a year and a half.
I strongly believe that this will create the most comfortable atmosphere for our loving pets.
From the day that I decided to adopt my dog as one of my precious family members, I decided that I would provide him with the best care possible that I could offer as a parent and best friend until the day that I have to say good-bye.
Because I would receive his unconditional love and happiness, in return I would do my best so that he can have a better and more comfortable life as a dog.
I would like to believe that someday all the pet dogs in the world would feel that they are a part of their respective families.
In the future, I would like to consider our valuable customers opinions to create better and improved products.
Inc. President: Takanori Nakamura

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