#And on feedback from customers has been to use

or used other than for a cart Cart motherboard before?
Yes. So far three have been used to purchase units.
The first one was good things, and then realize how much I used to use in my home Unfortunately not,
I bought two different types of units immediately Cart.
The second two cart sizes are small and, for big summer I bought a second cart.
Whole cutting (Tan chocolate) and summer is not so hot that afford Cart is hot in the train moving.
Finally, two cars and a cart of "winter" and "summer" was used.

He first used a cart mother?
Side of the frame side "handle" I realize how convenient.
You can ride the train, and when to move or down stairs, was very easy to lift the cart on the cart there is a sense of stability than any before.
2 heads together about 8kg so, saved.
The joy is also angry that his eyes were close to the eyes of a dog and a bag with a top height.
The sensation pushed a cart, and has been used until now is not as smooth in comparison, was very satisfied with the design.
difference between the cart and was used in the past?
But "the two-stage bag" but that is very functional.
Summer is too hot in temperature as each other, the upper and lower part can be moved by a head.
Raw aluminum board is also very good options.
The top two bags in the winter, where the head is on the bottom of shopping bags and coat in dogs and me.
After that, it's going to "dress-up the bag," I can.
The first "Aloha pattern (black)" I have purchased, I have learned the hula, and love the fabric patterns Aloha Hawaii home.
The other two I have a bag of dress-up, having fun with dress-up mood and where you go.
The former (the other dog) has a go at all when you keep your temporary to her love,
The three train movement with older heads were very comfortable.
2 can be recommended to the tame multi-head over head.
When the cart moves over the head, so as not to shock the dog, the sidewalk is at the top of the steps immediately behind the tires "foot hold metal rods," every time that you use, be careful.
We just love to use the bag bottom.
The target gone, and when we want to use a more compact by removing the top.
When the option "platform" is used.
CHIWAKKUSU (Chihuahua × DAX) is a full cut of a full workday, consider the burden of back legs so short.
"Platform" in the space below, and luggage storage and changing of the dog.

What is your location? Cart?
Where no other dogs, go out in the cart and the dog with me wherever I am also a hairdresser's shop in department stores and dine in the cafe.
It is comfortable to move in a train or bus, shopping bags in my head but you can select items they cart it slowly and very hot too.
Hot time in the future, when you move the cart can not walk to the hot asphalt.
Carrying a cart to the car is very convenient to walk on the road.
The whole cutting (Tan chocolate) 2 years old and a full workday (Red) 7 we have estimated the difference between physical age and age differences,
When you are older and tired BIMARUGA not let me move in the cart.

If you have any other thoughts please
The home is a cart of supplies.
I have purchased to function in love at first sight, in the city and actually try to use "two-step Cart" surprised by the attention.
My dog is a stylish and go from their owners (laughs), go on the road in a cart designed to handle a great favorite of "cute" as you say
It is a fact that I am very pleased.
Cart Now in this mother, "dogs and their owners" When you're gone and I am happy and comfortable stay together happily.

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