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seller: Felice Inc.
Name of director: The Takanori Nakamura
Address:4-2-7 Senzoku , Taito-ku, Tokyo JAPAN

explain non-payment of the fee items: shipping and the PayPal purchase
Registration Expiration Date: Sunday, including a five-day order
Defect: from the initial hit bad delivery within 7 days We are also in place for repairs in exchange
Quantity sold: not specified
Delivery time: basically, the next day after your order within 10 days, reservation items, and items are hard to find in stock, email us, we depend on the stock ships.
Payment: PayPal
Payment Deadline: 7 days after application products

return policy: If the product is defective we will exchange differences.
Us money.
If no valid reason for return by the time you are not be accepted money approved.
And also not accepted for return.
Delivery from over 8 days,
I opened the package the product and product packaging,
Products or use
(To open, about to check if the correct one)
Return policy: defective by our mistakes (and corrupt), within seven days from the date of delivery (by us to our limit to be extended 14 days) in advance on us, we will exchange.
Otherwise, we will refund on request.
The e-collect, credit card
If you were to purchase the credit card
We will cancel the payment and refund process at.
Shipping & Returns: If the return of the defective product differences, we will pay you the full amount.
However, when the error of your order, your money may be because we refuse to return.
Tel :011-81-3-5603-8030
E-mail: Contact Us

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Pets stay lodging-Travel with Dog
Pets stay lodging-Travel with Dog

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