Privacy Policy

# Mother Cart (the "Company") we provide the minimum personal information available to everyone at ease by the user.
We are paying close attention to the utmost for the protection of personal information provided.
Thinking about our personal information is as follows.

# We have information about groups and individuals and corporations that are registered by the member, "Mother Cart" only to provide for the development of the advanced features and services, the attention to the protection of individual members and pay.
# scope of this Privacy Policy, we will offer our services only. ※ range is provided in the following
# Except as specified in this Agreement, do not use non-objective. ※
purpose is provided in the following
# perform regularly in the proper management of the other provisions in this Agreement.
# We have been without the permission of use, Privacy Policy can change.
We have to change when the change of the disclosure of how to use Personal Information changes, you can know the contents of the user to inform the public on our website, this Privacy Policy will be reflected in the notice.

# thinking about our Privacy Policy will apply whenever you use our service members.
# Personal information is collected when a member of our service is managed in accordance with the philosophy of our Privacy Policy.
# Our Privacy thinking, only services provided directly by us, service companies and other organizations are connected by links and coverage outside.
# Use of our service will be at the user's responsibility.
# for any damage caused by the use of information obtained from other websites that are linked to this site and set our Website, we are not responsible for

We have developed to provide advanced features and services to everyone in the membership, we need some personal information about members.
# Shop ID and password will be asked to manage the user's own risk.
To change their passwords periodically, such as name and birth date easily inferred by others, and phone number will be advised to avoid.
Also, please do not disclose the transfer of lending even friends and acquaintances.
Contact Us on our Website and e-mail Q & A I would like to書KI込MANAI password.
# Personal information collected is used only to the extent necessary to provide our services, except in the following cases, and will not provide any third party.
If members agree
If you send an e-mail to seek consensus on the use of personal information from members
Companies have signed a confidentiality agreement with us in advance (for example, subcontractors) to the extent necessary to disclose the subject
Members who, we, or e-mail for advertising and our business partners, if you send a direct mail
In the conduct of our members, we will notice, and if it violates our terms of service, another member, or any rights of third parties, if deemed necessary to protect the property
Courts, administrative agencies such instruction, if asked to disclose personal information in accordance with other provisions of law, or criminal investigation, prevention or elimination of the violation of rights against third parties,
If you need a similar
# Other members told us, you agree in advance on how to use the personal information provided, and raises no objection.
# If we like, may share personal information of our members and business partners.
. And special services for members, if you have a business reason.
In this case, requires the consent of members before providing the information, and do not do it without consent.
Create statistical data, market research, data analysis, and if you do. In this case, we only provide information that is processed to determine the individual can not be certain.

If you have any questions about the concept and the personal information shown here Contact Us Please contact us by e-mail from the page.

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