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Mother Cart Double Carrier

This model was created for the consumer who owns more than one dog and wishes to transport them separately, an idea that is original and unique. (We own the rights to the double carrier, it has its own patent). The detachable top compartment is not only suitable as a car seat, but also as a playhouse. The accessories are also removable so the double carrier’s appearance can be changed. We put safety as a top priority, so all the parts are made in Japan, with only the best, highly qualified craftsmen. Also, we will repair any damage to the cart after you have purchased it, we will repair any and all parts.

Cart Mother (Japan) Official Site

Shopping Cart Mother official site
Shopping Cart Mother official site

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Original Buggy: Comfort Cart
Original Buggy: Buggy Mini Cart
Original Buggy: Premium Cart

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Pets stay lodging-Travel with Dog
Pets stay lodging-Travel with Dog

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Cart Mother []

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