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About the business:

Q : What is business days from when to when?
A : Monday to Friday, and 10:00 to 18:30. Holiday weekends we are closed.

Q : In the contact time is from what time until what time?
A : Monday to Friday, and 10:00 to 18:30.

Shopping About]

Q : Please tell me the schedule of ships.
A : me since the purchase will be shipped next day to seven days.
However if the transfer is confirmed by the loss of ships of the deposit.
Ships of the holiday weekend, please check not accepted. (Book will remove items)

Q : or installment payments on the card, etc. Do you do the drawing generation?
A : This is only possible in the PayPal service.
You can pay by credit card bonus ribonucleic split.

Q : I can send items to the pet shop?
A : Ordered only available at our distributors.
Please check the products from distributors.

Q : Reply via email after the order is coming?
A : After your order, we automatically forward mail sent from us.
Then, after the confirmation deposit "payment confirmation", after the stock "shipped email" We will send you.


Q : custom frame?
A : custom frame is impossible.

Q : sales of the new plan?
A : We have about three new products are produced at intervals of months.

Q : Can I tell a new design?
A : Sorry, the new design of the public offered by HP. Contact us by phone or email
To Us Please note not to respond.

Q : Currently, I have several bags sold out, will produce additional future?
A : Our products are mostly bags of 30 and within the production unit, we are sold out as soon as the sale closes. For popular items are subject to only small number of resellers.

Q : Do you plan to sell the next big product?
A : There is no plan at present, many people will want to consider if you request.

Q : I'd like to buy a variety of only the bag?
A : You can get a variety of favorites, so if I can buy is on sale to dress-up bag.

Q : It is difficult to have a bag attached to the side?
A : found in bag attached to the side, includes the role of the storage means to hide the auxiliary components and the folding feature.
So, if you have a single bag with a string to the string attached to the bag from the ordinary, may be somewhat difficult.
Mathivat on the future and is expected to improve to get more bags.

Q : 1 chuck the whole bag in a second stage is for?
A : Chuck when there is a removable bag, and put a hand to make it easy to enter from the inside.

[for repairs]

Q : When do you repair damage?
A : We found that the frame is made to repair (only some items), and loose out of the bag and found the repair was not done, can It may please contact.


Q : I'd like to see the actual items, you can see it go?
A : We have all types of patterns exhibited in our showroom.
And Tokyo, and the shop has been like to exhibit in Japan.

Q : Because home is Tokyo, you (we) Can I come to see?
A : It is possible. However, when I came to see the date and time of contact must be by phone, please visit it.
The holiday weekend we will be closed.

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Shopping Cart Mother official site

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