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Mother current exhibition Cart, you can shop the sales, we are recruiting from across the country and cafes. Sales began in June will be two years old and was initially sold on the Internet mainstream. However, because of the expensive items still "wants to see a real" voice of the people increased with each passing day and is now available to many inquiries from all over Japan today.
The first Tokyo is currently not able to respond to requests from customers in other areas but no sales outlets in major cities such as Osaka.
For pet lovers in the world, I want to open stores and distributors selling to major cities around the world. Currently, we are seeking sales outlets.
For further information please contact from trading. We look forward to hearing from a number of inquiries from people.
Email address: (We are in the picture)
※ Sorry, to prevent spam, we are in the picture. Then please send us directly on the input.

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Pets stay lodging-Travel with Dog
Pets stay lodging-Travel with Dog

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